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Washington Post - Start-up IonQ Sees Opportunity in Still-Developing Area of Quantum Computers

Sunday, January 1, 2017

The District’s technology community woke to a shock in November when Harry Weller, a rising star at esteemed Maryland venture firm New Enterprise Associates, died in his sleep at 46. Weller was fascinated by peculiarities in how fast-changing scientific advances can reshape the world, and he rose to prominence by shepherding successful businesses in murky fields such as cybersecurity and e-commerce.

One of his last projects was a start-up called IonQ, and it may have been one of the most un­or­tho­dox investments of his career.

IonQ includes academics from the University of Maryland and Duke University who want to sell quantum computing capabilities to giant technology companies within a few years.

Quantum computing is a still-aspirational field of computer science that envisions impossibly fast computers built on the laws of particle physics. Mainstream scientists theorize that a quantum computer could perform tasks unattainable to even the most advanced traditional computers, such as seamlessly breaking data encryption or rapidly analyzing the human genome.

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