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  • Streamlined Embedded Technologies, LLC Logo

    Streamlined Embedded Technologies, LLC

    Streamlined Embedded Technologies provides optimized signal processing solutions that enable deployment of advanced functionality for processing, communicating, and managing images, video streams, and various other forms of sensor data.

    Category:Power Electronics


  • Living Canopies Ltd. Logo

    Living Canopies Ltd.

    Living Canopies Ltd. is a University of Maryland start-up created to commercialize a smart patio umbrella with a vegetated canopy. Living Canopies has licensed the Smart Living Umbrella technology and associated intellectual property which was developed in the Department of Environmental Science & Technology of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Smart Living Umbrella supports a canopy of flowering plants to shade and please patrons on restaurant patios and other users in outdoors settings. It combines a support structure, a set of easily replaceable plant-panel-pods with fully grown plants, and a solar powered smart irrigation to create a living umbrella. This self-contained system is easy to maintain, saves water, enables the soil to be located above patrons’ heads while freeing up floor space, and offers a beautiful, mobile, widely deployable, living shade canopy.

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  • Custom Spray Solutions Logo

    Custom Spray Solutions, LLC

    Custom Spray Solutions is a technology start-up offering software products, measurement services, and engineering design services for spraying system applications. Their current applications include fire suppression sprays, hose streams, agricultural sprays, and specialty sprays.

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  • pathOtrak, LLC

    A University of Maryland start-up that has licensed a technology that enables the rapid and accurate separation of food-borne pathogens, such as bacteria, from complex samples. This portable and easy-to-use technology uses a microfluidic chip device to bypass time-consuming processing steps to separate and test food-borne pathogens from unprocessed samples. Consequently, this technology offers speedy detection of any food contamination before the food reaches the consumers.

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