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Redox Power Systems betting the future of electricity lies in fuel cells

Monday, August 19, 2013

The executives at Fulton-based Redox Power Systems are making a bold bet: The homes and businesses of the future will be powered by an extraterrestrial-looking apparatus loaded with fuel cells that convert natural gas and air into electricity.

The technology promises to be more efficient and environmentally friendly than the systems that power many buildings today, but the company has to first overcome the economic and social barriers that often beset renewable energy ventures.

“We have to show off a bit and show we can do what others can’t,” chief executive Warren Citrin said. “The best way to do it is by example.”

Citrin expects a fully functioning prototype of its PowerSERG 2-80, known to its inventors as “the Cube,” will be complete by December. From there, Redox must raise money from investors to ramp up production and start selling to commercial real estate developers and builders.

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