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This startup is developing a vaccine for staph infections

Friday, June 9, 2017

Serenta Biotechnology recently completed a licensing deal with the University of Maryland, Baltimore.

Drug companies poured lots of resources into seeking a vaccine for staph infections, but have yet to succeed.

In Maryland, a startup is joining the effort.

Serenta Biotechnology, which is based in Gaithersburg, is working to build on technology that was effective in animal trials.

The technology was invented by Mark Shirtliff, a Serenta cofounder and professor at the University of Maryland’s Baltimore-based schools of medicine and dentistry.

The university and the company recently reached a licensing deal that grants the startups exclusive rights to the vaccine. The startup previously received support from the TEDCO-run Maryland Innovative Initiative, and other accolades.

“This is really promising technology,” said Phil Robilotto, UM Ventures’ Chief Commercialization Officer. He also pointed out that a strong team is in place to continue commercial development of the vaccine.

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