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NuMan Pro 5.2

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The University of Maryland College of Agriculture and Natural Resources has released NuMan Pro 5.2, the most advanced software available to complete Maryland nutrient management plans. This software will work on computers supporting Windows 7, 8, and 10. In addition to all of the features of NuMan Pro 4.2 (fertilizer recommendations for over 340 crop management scenarios; mineralization coefficients for multiple organic materials; ability to handle split-applications of the same or different organic materials; electronic uploading and conversion of soil and organic material analysis files; calculation of crop P removal; support for P removal and manure transport plans; calculation of manure and sewage sludge N credits; extensive user help files; over 300 cropping notes) NuMan Pro 5.2 features the following updates:

· newly updated USDA/NRCS soil data files for all counties in Maryland
· new crop recommendations and updates to P starter recommendations for some vegetable crops
· ability to build rotation schedules to comply with requirements for operations in transition management phases in planning for full PMT implementation.

NuMan Pro 5.2 can be licensed by contact [email protected].

This licensed copy may be used to submit an unlimited number of plans. Contact the Agricultural Nutrient Management Program directly if you are a certified farmer only developing a nutrient management plan for your own operation ( The NuMan Pro software is copyrighted and a separate copy should be purchased for each computer on which the program will be used. Users who have NuMan Pro 3.0 or higher may download version 5.2 for free here:

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