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  • Custom Spray Solutions Logo

    Custom Spray Solutions, LLC

    Custom Spray Solutions is a technology start-up offering software products, measurement services, and engineering design services for spraying system applications. Their current applications include fire suppression sprays, hose streams, agricultural sprays, and specialty sprays.

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  • pathOtrak, LLC

    A University of Maryland start-up that has licensed a technology that enables the rapid and accurate separation of food-borne pathogens, such as bacteria, from complex samples. This portable and easy-to-use technology uses a microfluidic chip device to bypass time-consuming processing steps to separate and test food-borne pathogens from unprocessed samples. Consequently, this technology offers speedy detection of any food contamination before the food reaches the consumers.

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  • Infratrac Logo

    InfraTrac, Inc.

    InfraTrac chemically tags products and packaging so they can be quickly and easily authenticated in the field, without disclosing the secrets of the coding scheme.

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