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License Our Technologies

UM Ventures’ primary objective in licensing technology is to maximize the likelihood that products based on the technology will reach the market in a timely fashion. Negotiations will include input from the inventor(s), consideration of the needs of the prospective licensee and consideration of the needs and policies of the University.

The licensing process may include execution of a Confidentiality Agreement preceding the sharing of confidential information about an innovation. An Option Agreement may be executed in order to give a prospective licensee a set amount of time to fully evaluate its interest in a technology without risk of losing the technology to a rival.

Negotiations for a License Agreement will culminate in a legal contract detailing the rights and responsibilities of the parties to the agreement. Financial terms will be such that, in total, the University receives fair value for its technology. The terms will be structured so as not to place such a burden on the licensee that its ability to successfully develop a product is inhibited.

UMB Offers TWO Ready-To-Sign Licenses:

  • Express License Agreement for Biological Materials
    UM's researchers create numerous materials in the course of their work that serve as valuable research tools, such as cell lines, proteins, and antibodies, for use in UM’s labs and collaborators' labs. Use this agreement to license UM’s unpatented research tools for internal research purposes.
  • Express Option Agreement
    Industry partners wishing to sponsor research directed to a UM discovery may obtain an express option to license the background IP. The term of the economical express option coincides with the term of the research agreement, which must support translation at UM of an existing UM discovery.


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