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FierceBiotech: Meet GEn1E, the biotech bringing p38alpha kinase drugs to inflammatory diseases

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

With a background in pharmacology, Ritu Lal has worked at the likes of Abbott and Roche, ushering drugs from early discovery through FDA approval three times. But to Lal, who has filed more than 15 IND applications in her career, three approvals in 23 years was still frustrating—even in the context of biopharma’s low conversion rate from research programs to approved drugs.

“It kind of sucks, but it’s the industry standard that one out of 10 drugs makes it to FDA approval,” Lal told FierceBiotech. That record got her thinking about drug compounds and diseases—and how to get drugs to market and to patients more quickly.

“We did a search of drugs that were attractive from a commercial and developmental standpoint,” she said. 

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