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Maryland Matters: Md. Labs Developing Vaccines and Therapeutics, Attracting Federal Dollars

Thursday, September 10, 2020

A 2016 decision to link the research labs at the University of Maryland College Park with those at the University of Maryland at Baltimore is paying dividends in the competition for federal COVID-19 research dollars, a top education official told a science advisory panel on Wednesday.

The decision was a spinoff of the University of Maryland Strategic Partnership Act, said Laurie Ellen Locasio, vice president for research at the two institutions.

“Now we’ll be ranked together by the [National Science Foundation] in the U.S. rankings of research universities — and together this makes us [an] over $1 billion public research enterprise,” she told the Maryland Life Sciences Advisory Board.

With a multi-billion dollar research powerhouse, the privately-funded Johns Hopkins University, also operating here, Maryland is unusually well-positioned, Locasio said.

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