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You are here Baltimore: UMB-born startup launches pharmaceutical modeling platform Pumas 1.0

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

PUMAS-AI launched its first product, which aids in the development cycle of pharmaceutical drugs. It's available now to download for free for academic and noncommercial use.

A startup launched out by faculty at University of Maryland, Baltimore and MIT researchers collaborated to launch Pumas 1.0, a predictive analytics platform that aids in the development cycle of pharmaceutical drugs.

What that means is Pumas 1.0 takes the data a drug company has and simulates the success rate or possible outcome of a drug. Creating models and simulations through the algorithms in the code will allow researchers to manage risk in drug development.

What this could mean is new drug — for instance, a vaccine for COVID-19 — could go through simulations in this program and some of the issues with the treatment could be identified and fixed before it moves to a clinical testing phase.

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