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NuMan Pro 5.3

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The University of Maryland College of Agriculture and Natural Resources has released NuMan Pro 5.3, the most advanced software available to complete Maryland nutrient management plans. This software will work on computers supporting Windows 10 and 11. In addition to all of the features of NuMan Pro 5.2 (fertilizer recommendations for over 340 crop management scenarios; mineralization coefficients for multiple organic materials; ability to handle split-applications of the same or different organic materials; electronic uploading and conversion of soil and organic material analysis files; calculation of crop P removal; support for P removal and manure transport plans; calculation of manure and sewage sludge N credits; over 300 cropping notes; the ability to build rotation schedules to to determine allowable phosphorus applications for 3 year P-removal as indicated by the PMT score; calculate manure quantities generated on farm or imported; determine on farm manure balance by comparing the amount generated vs. the amount that can be utilized) NuMan Pro 5.3 features the following updates:

This version of NuMan Pro provides recommendation summaries to help ease the implementation of Nutrient Management plans, by grouping fields based on MDA's policy on variances for commercial fertilizer nutrient applications:

“Any soil test FIV’s for phosphorus or potassium with the same rating (example: low, medium, optimum) can be managed at one rate. The rate should not exceed the highest recommended rate given in your nutrient management plan for that crop in that soil test range.”

To aid in this purpose, NuMan Pro 5.3 includes the following summaries:

  • P2O5 & K2O Summaries: Group and print the fields by crop and FIV rating. The summary table below the fields for a given crop gives the min, max, and average recommendation rates within each FIV range, to assist producers in choosing a single rate. The total fertilizer needed for those fields is also given, based on the summary recommendation rate chosen.


  • Lime Summary: Prints the fields that received Lime recommendations, sorted from the lowest to highest  rate in T/A. The producer will be able to group fields based on similar lime recommendations, applying the lowest rate within the group.


  • Mg Summary: Prints only fields with a Mg-FIV within the low category, as these are the only fields that receive Mg recommendations. FIVs of 14 or higher receive a recommendation of 15 lbs Mg/A, and fields below 14 receive a recommendation of 30 lbs Mg/A.The lime recommendations are also included, since the usual recommendation for Mg is to apply Dolomitic (High Mag) lime. Therefore, for the fields on this report where lime is recommended, the Mg should be supplied by the Dolomitic lime. If no lime is recommended, then the Mg fertilizer recommendations are followed instead. The fields on this report are also sorted by the Dolomitic lime recommendations, since that will be the most common way Mg will be recommended. The producer will be able to group the fields in the same way as on the Lime summary.

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