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Photovoltaic Energy Conversion Using Surface Acoustic Waves in Piezoelectric Semiconductors

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The field of photovoltaic energy conversion is rapidly becoming more diverse. Improvements have been made in many existing devices in the form of traditional photovoltaic panels, and new fabrication techniques and materials have permitted researchers to explore different approaches in an attempt to combine improved efficiency of photovoltaic converters with a reasonable cost.

A Researcher in the Department of Physics at the University of Maryland–College Park has created an improvement titled, “Photovoltaic energy conversion using surface acoustic waves in piezoelectric semiconductors.” An improved design utilizes converted photovoltaic energy via a surface acoustic wave and processes this solar energy for distribution in a highly efficient manner that is over 70% efficient.

For additional information, please contact the Office of Technology Commercialization, University of Maryland College Park, via e-mail at or phone at 301-405-3947.

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