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  • University of Maryland partnerships

    UM Ventures is a joint initiative of the University of Maryland, Baltimore and University of Maryland, College Park to commercialize technologies and expand industry collaboration.

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  • BaltSun: Prostate Cancer Drug Shows Great Promise

    Compound created at University of Maryland now in clinical trials

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  • A Forbes Top 50 Entrepreneurial University

    Forbes Names University of Maryland, College Park One of American’s Top 50 Most Entrepreneurial Universities

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  • University Of Maryland, Baltimore Licenses Cardiac Valve Repair Technology To Harpoon Medical

    Harpoon Has Raised More Than $300,000 in Competitive Grants and Award Funding in Less Than a Year

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  • The Sky is the Limit with New Cloud Storage Solutions

    Data storage is one of the most popular applications of cloud computing.

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  • Diagnostic anSERS launches affordable trace detection technology

    College Park, MD – Diagnostic anSERS has introduced a groundbreaking SERS sensor that enables trace chemical detection for only a few dollars per test, a sensor that is poised to bring SERS into the mainstream...

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  • Hot Technologies Available for Licensing

    UM Ventures is organized to move research outcomes into products and services, tools and diagnostics that will benefit society.

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  • Next Generation Antibiotics

    Novel small molecule Lipid II inhibitors as broad-spectrum antibacterial agents. Search “ED-2010-066 and ED-2012-088”

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