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  • FDA Approves Vaccine for Cholera Invented and Developed at University of Maryland School of Medicine

    Vaccine Is the Only One Approved in the U.S. for Protection Against Cholera

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  • Maryland Commerce Convenes Partners to Form Centers of Excellence in Biomanufacturing, Transformative Medicine

    Johns Hopkins University, University of Maryland, Baltimore and University of Maryland, College Park to collaborate with state on commercialization of transformative medicines, devices

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  • Visisonics Hits Market with 3-D Sound Technology


    Technology Spun from University of Maryland Currently Licensed by Oculus

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  • Profectus BioSciences Initiates Ebola Vaccine Phase 1 Clinical Trial

    Phase 1 trial will Evaluate the Safety and Immunogenicity of Profectus' Ebola Virus Vaccine Administered at Various Dose Levels

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  • Harpoon Medical could sell to new investor, Edwards Lifesciences

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  • Hot Technologies Available for Licensing

    UM Ventures is organized to move research outcomes into products and services, tools and diagnostics that will benefit society.

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In the last two years, UM Ventures has increased technology licenses by 46 percent (28 in FY11 vs. 41 in FY13) and new startup companies created by UM faculty increased by 120 percent (5 in FY11 to 11 in Fy13).

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UM Ventures is a joint initiative of the University of Maryland, Baltimore and University of Maryland, College Park to commercialize technologies and expand industry collaboration.

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