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  • Preclinical Data of Multi-Component Vaccine Provides Protection Against Ebola & Marburg Virus

    Profectus Presents Preclinical Data Demonstrating that a Single Dose of Multi-Component Vaccine Provides Complete Protection Against Zaire and Sudan Species of Ebola Virus and Marburg Virus.

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  • Remedy Pharmaceuticals' Drug CIRARA™ Cut Death Rates From Severe Stroke by More Than Half

    Exciting results from a U.S.-based Phase 2 study of severe stroke patients presented at Neurocritical Care Society annual meeting.

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  • FDA Grants Pfizer (Gliknik Licensee) Orphan Drug Designation for GL-2045

  • Remedium Technologies Receives FDA Clearance for Hemogrip™ Patch

    Technology Rapidly Controls Bleeding at Vascular Access Sites


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