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StartupUMD Business Fundamentals Workshops

What: A series of hands-on workshops developed collaboratively by UM Ventures, Mtech, and Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship specifically for UMD faculty and graduate students to teach business concepts and skills, startup resources and how to take advantage of them, legal issues surrounding startups and many other practical know-how. 

Place: Due to COVID-19 restrictions all workshops will be conducted virtually.

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April 2021

Market Research Databases at UMD: How to Access and Use

Trying to figure out the size of your market, competition, industry analysis can be a daunting task. The University of Maryland Libraries offers free subscriptions to many databases on broad business topics, such as industry reports, company information, demographics and statistics, marketing, finance and investment, and many others. Lily Griner, a long-time Business Librarian, will teach how to access and use these resources.

Presenter: Lily Griner, UMD Libraries
When: April 5, 10:00-11:00 AM

Startup Funding for UMD Faculty and Graduate Students

The University of Maryland offers access to over $600K in funding to startups founded to commercialize University innovations. Find out details about funding programs to validate technology, form your startup, enhance R&D and other.  

Presenter: Alla McCoy, Director, Startup Support, UMD
When: April 7, 2:00-3:00 PM

Q&A on Starting and Running Your Own Business

Getting a startup off the ground is an intimidating task that raises a myriad questions. Bring those questions and ask an experienced entreprneur and angel investor Laura Neuman during this open Q&A session.

Lead by: Harry Geller, Entrepreneur in Residence, University of Maryland 
When: April 13, 10:00-11:00 AM

Business Lingo for Scientists

Does this sound like a foreign language to you: TAM, Margins, LVC, COGS, Burn Rate, Customer Churn, EBIDTA, Product/Market fit, etc.? This workshop will help you understand basic business terminology to prepare you for conversations with investors, banks, and potential business partners.

Presenter:  Alla McCoy, Director, Startup Support
When: April 15, 2:00-3:00 PM

Friends and Family Funding for University Startups

For startups in their earliest stages, friends & family is one of the common forms of startup funding out there. This is often the best chance to secure money to launch your startup. But what does it really mean to accept capital from friends & family for your startup? How does it impact your cap table, and what are the implications for later rounds raised from VCs and other institutional investors?
Join us for a webinar on the dos and don’ts of raising friends & family funding for an early-stage university startup. Topics covered will include valuation and structuring problems, securities law, types of security, and fundraising tips. Our panel of experts include two financial accounting advisors, an IP attorney, a university startup founder and a university startup CEO both of whom will share their unique experience and lessons learned from raising a friends & family round.

 Ian Polonsky, Attorney, Royer Cooper Cohen Braunfeld
Thomas Kim, CEO, EpiVario
Ari Wes, Founder, Ostiio
Jerry Cullins, Partner, Centri Consulting
Hanita Patel, Managing Director, Centri Consulting

When: April 20, 2021, 12:00-1:00 PM 

Building Your Company Board of Directors: Why and How 

Please join Ann Quinn, Past President, Executve Alliance, and Laura Neuman, a successful entrepreneur to learn about why a company needs a Board of Directors and what the Board's responsibilities are. Learn when to start building your board and best practices to maximze effectiveness.

Ann Quinn, Quinn Strategy Group, and Past President, Executive Alliance
Laura Neuman, serial entrepreneur 
Rebecca Snyder, Executive Director, Executive Alliance

When: April 27, 10:00-11:00 AM 

Managing and Increasing your Company's Intrinsic Valuation

Nigel Long, an experienced investment professional and successful entrepreneur will lead this workshop. Mr. Long defines Intrinsic Value as the value of a company's ongoing operations based on its expected level and certainty of future cash flows. Underlying factors driving intrinsic values also guide typical valuation approaches (e.g., Income Approach, Market Approach). By focusing on and effectively emphasizing these factors when communicating with prospective capital providers and acquirers, Founders and business owners can better position their companies for higher valuations.

While a brief overview of all of the various valuation approaches will be provided (and which ones are most applicable to a company's stage of development and the circumstances that triggered the valuation), primary focus will be on the underlying factors that drive intrinsic value.

Presenter: Nigel Long, Founder and Senior Managing Director, Trade Street Advisors 
When: April 29, 12:00-1:00 PM 

Watch videos of previous workshops on our YouTube channel.

Watch videos of previous workshops on our YouTube channel.