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StartupUMD Business Fundamentals Workshops

What: A series of hands-on workshops developed collaboratively by UM Ventures, Mtech, and Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship specifically for UMD faculty and graduate students to teach business concepts and skills, startup resources and how to take advantage of them, legal issues surrounding startups and many other practical know-how. 

Place: Due to COVID-19 restrictions most workshops will be conducted virtually, however some will be offered in a hybrid format with up to 6 people able to attend in person. Please see schedule for more details. 

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Market Research Databases at UMD: How to Access and Use

Trying to figure out the size of your market, competition, industry analysis can be a daunting task. The University of Maryland Libraries offers free subscriptions to many databases on broad business topics, such as industry reports, company information, demographics and statistics, marketing, finance and investment, and many others. Lily Griner, a long-time Business Librarian, will teach how to access and use these resources.

When: October 5, 12:00-1:00 PM 

Presenter: Lily Griner, Business and Economics Librarian, University of Maryland 


Banking Services for Startups: Building Effective Relationship

Starting a company is an exciting process, but details can become a bit overwhelming. When do you need a bank account for your company and how do you go about opening it? What services does a bank provide to companies? What is the process to obtain a business loan for my company? What about SBA loans? Please join an experienced banking professional Tolu Oleru, VP of Venture Banking at Pacific Western Bank, to learn how to establish an effective working relationship with your bank.

When: October 7, 2:00-3:00 PM

Presenter: Tolu Oleru, VP, Venture Banking, Pacific Western Bank 



Patent Law Primer and Update for 2021

This survey and update on patent law will cover the basics of patents, along with some famous inventor stories, including Edison, the Wright Brothers and many contributions from African American inventors. The update part will consist of the various recent cases and events that concern patent law, including cases at the Supreme Court such as Arthrex and the Constitutionality of Administrative IPR Judges.

When: October 13, 10:00-11:00 AM 

Presenter: Raymond Van Dyke,  Van Dyke Intellectual Property Law



Does Your Startup Face Any Security Risks? 

Unless you are running a security-related startup, you probably don't rank it as a high priority.  Federal Bureau of Investigation has seen that the lack of awareness and protection among startups can lead to unnecessary risks and compromises.  Please join us for security briefing for startups lead by FBI agents Benjamin Pulz, Richard Dietz and Stephen Ney.  They will cover areas such as cybersecurity/hygiene, protection of intellectual property, the basics of developing a security program, and other topics.  

When: October 14, 12:00-1:00 PM

Presenters: Benjamin Pulz, Richard Dietz and Stephen Ney, Federal Bureau of Investigation


 This workshop will be offered in a hybrid format: up to 6 attendees may attend in person (StartupUMD suite located at 7878 Diamondback Drive). All in person attendees must be wearing face masks and follow all other UMD COVID protocols. 


Best Practices in Setting up and Managing Financial Record Keeping System

Keeping accuarate and easy to understand records of all financial transactions for your startup is an important element of success. This workshop will cover the basics of how to best set up and manage your financial records.

When: October 20, 2:00-3:00 PM

Presenter: Josh Notes, Fractional CFO, Managing Partner, Sustain A Business 



Copyright Laws 101

Got a painting, wrote a novel or code, carved a statue? The U.S. copyright system is designed to provide all types of creators with a mechanisms to file for formal protection of their form of expression, whether a book, a play, a sculpture, computer code, or other work of creation. Copyrights last a long time and infringement or stealing of a work can have a steep cost. This webinar will address the various forms of copyright exclusive rights and what they mean, and discuss the evolving concept of fair use - its uses and limits. Interesting court cases involving Penn & Teller, Prince, Beyoncé and others will colorfully illustrate the principles.

When: October 21, 2021, 10:00 - 11:00 AM 

Presenter: Raymond Van Dyke,  Van Dyke Intellectual Property Law



Q&A on Starting and Running Your Own Business with Harry Geller

Getting a startup off the ground is an intimidating task that raises a myriad questions. Bring those questions and ask an experienced entrepreneur and angel investor Harry Geller during this open Q&A session.

When: October 26, 2021, 12:00-1:00 PM

Lead by: Harry Geller, Entrepreneur in Residence, University of Maryland


What Is It Like to Be an Entrepreneur?

Are you ready to be an entrepreneur? Do you lay wake at night thinking about starting your own company? It looks glamorous, and seems exciting, but there are pitfalls.
How do you know if you’re cut out to take the leap? I’ll share successes and failures – and many lessons along the way. You’ve heard failure is part of success. Well, it only feels like failure when you’re in the middle of it. We’ll cover how to overcome the feelings of self-doubt and push through to a winner. Let’s talk about building a company, weathering the storm, working with investors, and how to change the world with your idea!

When: October 27, 12:00-1:00 PM

Presenter: Laura Neuman, Entrepreneur in Residence, University of Maryland




Trademarks 101

Got a brand? A nifty logo or name for your new startup? The U.S. trademark system is designed to provide entrepreneurs with a mechanism to file for the protection of a new brand, logo, catchphrase, or business name. Raymond Van Dyke, an intellectual property practitioner, and educator will describe the procedures and rules for obtaining a trademark, outline the requirements, and the benefits for seeking to protect a nifty name for your product, company, and/or services. His program includes illustrations of famous brands and companies, describing their situations.

When: November 10, 2021, 10:00-11:00 AM

Presenter: Raymond Van Dyke,  Van Dyke Intellectual Property Law



Trade Secrets 101

This talk will provide an overview of trade secret rights and answering questions about those rights, e.g., what can I protect? Should I patent? What do I need to do to keep my secrets secret? Trade secrets are both State and Federal. Both systems are designed to provide protections for diverse secrets, e.g., customer lists, chemical formals, and ingredients of Coca Cola. The program will explore the various trade secret rights, as well as the vocabulary to use in discussing these rights. Key topics to be discussed:

-What are trade secrets and trade secret rights
-How to secure, if necessary, state or federal trade section protection
-Famous and current cases
-New technologies and trade secrets
-How to sue, and what to do when sued for infringement
-What duties do I have toward keeping the secret
-What are the damages, my liability for infringement?

When: December 8, 2021, 10:00-11:00 AM 

Presenter: Raymond Van Dyke, Van Dyke Intellectual Property Law


 Watch videos of previous workshops on our YouTube channel.

Watch videos of previous workshops on our YouTube channel.